It’s about time

I strive to become more disciplined in my writing, hence this page was made. I so vividly remember my ex-roommate’s discipline when it came to writing; I so vividly remember how I was in complete awe of her, her will, her determination. She basically is the one reason I made a WordPress blogging account.

I think it’s time to be a little less anonymous in my online postings – it’s about time I should pluck up the courage to be truthful in everything I say and do, and stop hiding behind guilt and shame.

This is the beginning of my journey towards being a disciplined writer. If you have any criticism, I only ask for it to be constructive; if you’re just gonna be rude and/or offensive, you can expect me to be rude right back at’cha 🙂

Lovely. This post is done now. I’m going to the forest to brainstorm ideas now.



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