Hi y’all!

It’s really rather ironic, how I set up a WordPress account in the hopes of becoming a more disciplined writer, more truthful and less shameful. Although I do feel more disciplined in my writing, WordPress never really was my way to go. I guess I already knew I was more of a Blogspot person when I set up this account, but I did it anyway to start anew. Never really understood how it worked, though, and never really took the time to really look into it. Something you should maybe know about me is that I, much like so many others, am a creature of habit.

The habit of Tumblr, the habit of Blogspot, the habit of always carrying a notebook in which I can doodle and write, the habit of not writing on the back of a page (unless out of pure necessity), the habit of writing by hand and then typing things out… So many habits. Quitting smoking, learning WordPress, understanding Twitter, getting out of bed every day at the same time… So many un-habits.

It takes awhile to make a new habit stick. I’ve heard that practicing a new habit for 21 consecutive days should be enough to make it stick, for it to ingrain in your subconscious. I’ve also heard it takes 40 consecutive days for it to become automatic, and there are even sources on Google that take it as far as 2/3 of a year. Which one of these is it? Does it matter what kind of habit we’re talking about?

Honestly, at this point, I don’t think it really matters anymore. I should just do it. Or un-do it. That’s why I am entering NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo this November — I’ve made two attempts at NaNoWriMo already, or well, actually just one (called “The Bitch, Barking”). It didn’t last very long till I started breaking my ‘fresh habit pattern.’ About a month ago someone suggested I’d write a children’s book off of the crocodile character that was invented by my father in order to keep me from swimming out to sea too far, and that is exactly what I will be attempting this coming month. The combination of the two writing challenges will keep me in check; if I run out of inspiration for one, the other might possibly keep me going. Let’s hope so, shall we?

Although I came back to WordPress for the sole reason of having to follow for PiBoIdMo (again, the irony is killing me!), I do genuinely plan to post more of my writing on here. For whatever reason, I feel like there is a bigger audience here, and if I want to really do this, I should really fucking do this.

Great day to all!


2 Responses to “Irony”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    All the best with Nano!


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