First sentences mixed together

Always time for coffee. And then, finally, we are allowed to help. Is pride a demon or an angel? Can he do without her?

Tell your aunt! Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow! We told one another that we loved each other the way true millennials would do, – through Facebook.

What’s really keeping you here? These are my blessings: any sleep without dreams and any dreams without sleep. I still wonder what it might have been like to touch her lips with mine.

I was just that damn excited because I knew this was going to be much more than a first kiss. A fortunate happenstance. The way I imagine the moon must feel about the light reflecting off of her to caress the water. What do I know!

Whether you see it or not, there’s always something to smile about. I tied my hair with skinny strings to the stars. Have a break, have more caffeine.


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