In True Love

We admitted we loved each other the way true millennials would: through Facebook. It was an intriguing connection that we had, right off the bat; we both jumped into it, into us. It felt trusted, tender, true. It was strange, really wonderfully strange.

Most relationships I see around me or hear about seem to always have some sort of issue going on, and when the stars are aligned, it often culminates in a lot of people suddenly deciding to break up. This has left me wondering whether true love really exists or if it’s just a fabricated ideal, manifested by marketing and media strategies? Are we, maybe, just afraid to be alone?

At times, I turned nervous, defensive, scared, lonely… I looked around and saw so much love (?) crumble down that I was convinced something surely had to be cracking and crumbling in my beautiful relationship with my beautiful man as well. With each day that passed, my love for him grew, as did my anxiety… Were we going to be just another couple that was cheated on by life and decided to break up?

And then I look at him, and he looks at me, and I recognise that familiar sense of ‘one frequency,’ – that sensitive, mutual understanding between us. We both don’t have the patience for issues, or actually, patience for most anything in general; even our love couldn’t wait any longer.

I’m thankful for this, upon waking up and right before drifting into sleep, – I have someone I can laugh and cry with; I have someone who cares and is loyal; someone ambitious and unapologetic. This man has directly and indirectly helped me become who and how I am today, and I am forever grateful for that; he is the most amazing happenstance I have ever felt dancing in my chest.

I strongly doubt that he will one day stop making me want to be a better person; I am in true love, endlessly inspired, no matter what or where. He nudges me forward in my life, and every single day, when I fall in love with him all over again, – even more! – I realise how precious what we have is. I better take this shit seriously, because this shit true love.

It does exist. Let it find you,- it’ll feel like coming home.


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