Venus Breathes

My lips are sealed with a burning image;

a statue of desire;

Venus’ breath the air we breathe.

Not any longer.

I wasn’t aware; I didn’t know that
sitting next to a dream
could be so hellish;
next to the biggest part of your life
so isolating;
let alone that sitting next to him
could be so painful.

This is not how it was supposed to happen;
we were supposed to share that
breath of life for life,
breathe it into each other; each
filling the other with honeysweet hopes
and dreams, breathing life into faith and wishes,

Maybe when we see each other,
one day, when we see each other
and the stars are aligned,
and we might not be going nowhere,
maybe then.
Is this what went wrong last time?
Did we forget how much we wanted a middle?

I remember, me and him; how things were
and were going to be,
when exhalations turned into inspirations, “baby,
let’s get closer.”
Then suddenly, my breath got lost;
blown away, it now floats somewhere in between
over and out.

There wasn’t any space for it;
my breath, our breath, the whispering
and humming of our dreams
of making up the past, where we went
nowhere; we were gonna go there;
did you forget how you needed a middle?
When did you run out of breath?

Time may be convenient,
but it might also be inconvenient;
now, imagine this life here
and what would it look like without;
without time, what’s left?
What’s left of now, only now,
when you keep looking up at the frozen stars, always

holding your breath for something more?


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