All the Wrong Lessons

I met a man on the bus today. I started making conversation, “Isn’t it funny how we are strangers, Yet have something in common? And isn’t it funny how if we’d ever talk, We’d never mention that what’s in common?” The man looked at me, “Are you a tourist?” I said, “nah, Just a writer.” … Continue reading

Dark Side of the Moon

We are not the glistening on the water; We are the dust you just cannot reach; The ignorant bliss crawling throught the cat door; Life’s invisible shadow wishing it were made of stardust; We are not birthed by the moon; We are purged by the corners its light would not reach.

de kater van mijn Leven

Ik loop nu al enkele dagen met een minderwaardigheidscomplex als een kater; Een gebroken hart weet immers niet waar het thuis is; Al tot de maan en terug verdwalend laat het een kruimelspoor achter van almaar afbrokkelende geheugenfragmenten; En een leegte rondom de ogen waarin ik eerder geen thuis heb kunnen vinden. Ik volg die … Continue reading

I see him

I see him in a window, From a piece of Christmas decoration; Through some leaves and branches, Within the flicker of a newly broken light. Before you left, I left, We left,- Before we ever met. I see him on my pillow, And in the picture in my wallet; Between the pages of my notebook, … Continue reading

Venus Breathes

My lips are sealed with a burning image; a statue of desire; Venus’ breath the air we breathe. Not any longer. I wasn’t aware; I didn’t know that sitting next to a dream could be so hellish; next to the biggest part of your life so isolating; let alone that sitting next to him could … Continue reading

Liquid Pebbles

Last night, I touched the shadow ahead of me, and now Only the stars may cry and judge my loss of light; Only the tears shed by the moon were once this unwanted too, or, much rather, denied. Perilous waters, those from the eyes, and how They blink on my cheeks in the sarcastic moonlight; … Continue reading

the era of hide and seek

Something inside me, years ago, snapped; This is the era of hide and seek, love, And no going back. Go on, aim straight for my chest; This is the era of hide and seek, love, And aiming for the best.

My Loneliness, Her Loneliness

She is so lonely. I am so lonely. Look at us, sitting in loneliness, next to each other. I run from it, hide from it. My loneliness, her loneliness. But they catch up and find me, in meaningless banter, between the lines, in silence. She cannot comfort me and she is inconsolable. What do you … Continue reading

the face

The face behind the words. “Everything is magical when it snows.” -Lorelai Gilmore

Hurricane Heart

This hurricane heart is paralysed with fear; Is it fighting intuition, Or the distance between there and here?