All the Wrong Lessons

I met a man on the bus today. I started making conversation, “Isn’t it funny how we are strangers, Yet have something in common? And isn’t it funny how if we’d ever talk, We’d never mention that what’s in common?” The man looked at me, “Are you a tourist?” I said, “nah, Just a writer.” … Continue reading

the era of hide and seek

Something inside me, years ago, snapped; This is the era of hide and seek, love, And no going back. Go on, aim straight for my chest; This is the era of hide and seek, love, And aiming for the best.


I see a young girl, early teens perhaps, wearing a yellow dress with, what seem, watermelon stains scattered on her not yet fully developed chest area. I don’t see her eating watermelon, nor is there any hint of it in the vision I gather, but my mind gladly helps me fill in the gaps of … Continue reading