tasteless dreams

sleepless nights and a heart filled with love; i numb my tastebuds with cigarettes and tasteless dreams; life kills, sleeping is tiresome; the heart wants what the heart wants. he was the first to cry for my nightfrights; when the thoughts are ugly, and there is no room for the pretty; sometimes it’s better not … Continue reading

I was a fairy

When I was small, I was a fairy; Then I grew up, into a power ranger. When he was small, he was unavailable; Then he grew up, or maybe he didn’t. He sees a calm creek; I feel an avalanche. We hide behind who we are; It’s what keeps us as we are. – Where … Continue reading

All the Wrong Lessons

I met a man on the bus today. I started making conversation, “Isn’t it funny how we are strangers, Yet have something in common? And isn’t it funny how if we’d ever talk, We’d never mention that what’s in common?” The man looked at me, “Are you a tourist?” I said, “nah, Just a writer.” … Continue reading

First sentences mixed together

Always time for coffee. And then, finally, we are allowed to help. Is pride a demon or an angel? Can he do without her? Tell your aunt! Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow! We told one another that we loved each other the way true millennials would do, – through … Continue reading