tasteless dreams

sleepless nights and a heart filled with love; i numb my tastebuds with cigarettes and tasteless dreams; life kills, sleeping is tiresome; the heart wants what the heart wants. he was the first to cry for my nightfrights; when the thoughts are ugly, and there is no room for the pretty; sometimes it’s better not … Continue reading

on editing a blank page

I tried to edit a blank page once, because a renowned author claimed it could not be done. Turns out, she was wrong. Have you ever looked up at the clouds and seen the colours they carry? If you haven’t, look up. If you have, you’ll know they’re not white; rather, they are blue, grey, … Continue reading

I was a fairy

When I was small, I was a fairy; Then I grew up, into a power ranger. When he was small, he was unavailable; Then he grew up, or maybe he didn’t. He sees a calm creek; I feel an avalanche. We hide behind who we are; It’s what keeps us as we are. – Where … Continue reading


A sad garden, A shy sunlight, A fearful memory, A loaded vision. A lost lamb, A scared tourist, A broken car, A hopeless mission.

A Siren Cries

I cannot look, Not too much; People’s eyes are what make you Fall for them; Every glance has a beauty, Each moment involving us turns Into a soul-stirring shudder, Even when not shared; Haven’t you been told How sharing is caring; Haven’t you ever heard The cry of a siren; A hopeful desperation, A loving … Continue reading

The Runaways

I want to show him places, The places that I could call mine; There is the river in my heart, We could keep our beer cool there; There is the house to marvel at, Or we could just sleep in its yard; There is the skyline he should feel, After which the sand of its … Continue reading

A Distant Comfort

I’m slipping away; through my very own fingers, I slip. Is it maybe true after all; do some people just not know how to cope with themselves? We simply carry too much around; too much fear that seeks out comfort; don’t we all get cheated on – in one way or another – by life, … Continue reading


if i were to ever love you any more than this, it would snap my heart right into two; andĀ i’d chase the sky evenĀ moreso than now, an acrobatic dance with the devil – if i were to love you any harder than this, my heart would outstretch the kissing horizon; and i’d drown into the … Continue reading


You say you’re poison, but you taste like sugar. You say one plus one isn’t always two, in the middle of the road. You say you see the end, but how do you know whether that star is already dead? You say why we’re wasted on the earth, in the middle of the road. You … Continue reading