tasteless dreams

sleepless nights and a heart filled with love; i numb my tastebuds with cigarettes and tasteless dreams; life kills, sleeping is tiresome; the heart wants what the heart wants. he was the first to cry for my nightfrights; when the thoughts are ugly, and there is no room for the pretty; sometimes it’s better not … Continue reading

A Distant Comfort

I’m slipping away; through my very own fingers, I slip. Is it maybe true after all; do some people just not know how to cope with themselves? We simply carry too much around; too much fear that seeks out comfort; don’t we all get cheated on – in one way or another – by life, … Continue reading

Liquid Pebbles

Last night, I touched the shadow ahead of me, and now Only the stars may cry and judge my loss of light; Only the tears shed by the moon were once this unwanted too, or, much rather, denied. Perilous waters, those from the eyes, and how They blink on my cheeks in the sarcastic moonlight; … Continue reading

My Loneliness, Her Loneliness

She is so lonely. I am so lonely. Look at us, sitting in loneliness, next to each other. I run from it, hide from it. My loneliness, her loneliness. But they catch up and find me, in meaningless banter, between the lines, in silence. She cannot comfort me and she is inconsolable. What do you … Continue reading

The Skinned Wolf

I put a plaster on the crust That remains on a wound Somewhere, in the forest Of my mind. You complain: It won’t heal fast Enough, you say, As you pull off the only help I ever offered myself; Not you but your anger Strips me bare, Leaving me alone To bleed, From a wound … Continue reading

I tied my hair

I tie my hair, with skinny strings, to the stars, so when the wind sings over seas afar, they electrocute my hair into the dancing web of a spider, making it move to the magical melody of many millions of little lights, that couldn’t shine any brighter. I tied my hair to thin branches of … Continue reading