A Distant Comfort

I’m slipping away; through my very own fingers, I slip. Is it maybe true after all; do some people just not know how to cope with themselves? We simply carry too much around; too much fear that seeks out comfort; don’t we all get cheated on – in one way or another – by life, … Continue reading

Dark Side of the Moon

We are not the glistening on the water; We are the dust you just cannot reach; The ignorant bliss crawling throught the cat door; Life’s invisible shadow wishing it were made of stardust; We are not birthed by the moon; We are purged by the corners its light would not reach.

Liquid Pebbles

Last night, I touched the shadow ahead of me, and now Only the stars may cry and judge my loss of light; Only the tears shed by the moon were once this unwanted too, or, much rather, denied. Perilous waters, those from the eyes, and how They blink on my cheeks in the sarcastic moonlight; … Continue reading

First sentences mixed together

Always time for coffee. And then, finally, we are allowed to help. Is pride a demon or an angel? Can he do without her? Tell your aunt! Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow! We told one another that we loved each other the way true millennials would do, – through … Continue reading